Who We Are

Meet Vendoline

We are a family established company operating vending machines, founded 25th years ago.

We install, without  charge, our latest model machinery with elegant aspect and the latest technological payment systems

We do not charge the customer for  the costs of transporting our machines, the spare parts and of the activity to negotiate and deliver the products.

We obtain and supply our customers with  hot drinks, light meals, choice of sandwiches , healthy snacks with the best brands and our technical teams regularly fill up our machines.

We are here providing , A to Z , all support for the vending machines currently in offices, call centres, schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, petrol stations, factories and production sites, R & D centres and sports centres.

We have consistently expanded our operations year by year and have become a highly skilled problem solving partner of our customers with mutual trust through planned and disciplined approach to meeting their needs.

Quality Policy
  • The basis of our quality policy is the compliance of 'Faultless Operation', 'Customer Satisfaction' and 'Legal Requirements'.
  • Being aware of the importance of discipline and team spirit in reaching our objectives.
  • Adopting operational innovations and ensuring sustainability of a planned and continuous quality understanding.
  • Considering sustainability of quality as insufficient in itself, and being trained to achieve better.
  • Developing the team, following technologies, ensuring continuity of established quality management systems and improving them continuously.
  • Meeting the expectations and demands of our customers at the highest level without compromising on food safety, while always improving our product range.
  • Following domestic and international market dynamics and producing solutions that suit the times.
  • Being participatory, flexible, reliable, customer satisfaction oriented and socially sensitive, while producing solutions.
  • Raising our quality level as high as possible.