Vending Hygiene

Valued Customers of the Vendoline Family

The safety of our employees, our customers, and the community we serve is our top priority.

As the Vendoline team, we want you to know that we are by your side with our vending machine service, which we offer with an emphasis on hygiene conditions, especially our ‘No Touch’ policy.

In vending machine services, we are continuously improving how we can do cleaning and hygiene better. Trainings, certifications, healthy cleaning materials, and technological solutions' compliance with vending machine hygiene conditions are fundamental in our efforts for Consistency in Hygiene Standards.

  • Our hand washing period has been increased after the Covid 19 outbreak, this habit has been developed, and hand washing videos have been published in our technical service in practice.
  • The exterior of the vending machine is disinfected with chlorine-based sprays.
  • Hand sanitizing gel is readily available in our vehicles.
  • The vehicles we use for product delivery are disinfected.
  • We are monitoring the shelf life of all products and their contents in our vending machines.
  • Our vending machines are equipped with a thermostatic control device to maintain the right temperature and coolness.
  • Materials are filled into the vending machines in a hygienic manner.